Company History

Bayou is Built on Integrity

Bayou midstream is a full-service midstream company with a proven track record of providing first class midstream services and is well positioned to lead the development and operations of midstream projects across North America.

Bayou Midstream


  • Formation of Bayou Midstream


Leviathan Crude Gathering System placed into service

Crude gathering dedication expanded from 10,000 acres to 21,000 acres


Crude gathering dedication expanded to 45,000 acres

Acquisition of the Northstar Midstream Bakken assets

Fairview Connector interstate pipeline placed into service


Crude gathering dedication expanded to 90,000 acres

Crude oil blending facilities placed into service


Bayou Midstream Bakken achieves average flow of ~ 80,000 bpd of crude oil

Bayou Midstream Bakken assets sold to Bridger Pipeline LLC.

Crude Gathering and Transportation
Alexander Connector Pipeline
Crude Storage Terminals